Parish Pay

The Benefits of Online Giving

As a means of helping to fulfill your stewardship commitment, we recommend donating through ParishPay, an automatic online giving program. ParishPay offers flexible options, allowing you to choose the date, frequency, and method of donating. In addition to accepting the four major credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, ParishPay allows you to use a debit card or your checking, savings, or brokerage account. We would like to see the families in our parish adopt this method of giving, as this helps to make our parish forecasting and budgeting more reliable and accurate.

Use the following link to access your existing account, sign up for ParishPay, or make a donation even if you do not have an account:


If you are currently enrolled in ParishPay, simply enter your login and password. If you are signing up for ParishPay or do not have an account but would like to make a donation, first enter your donation. You are then prompted to enter your personal information. Lastly, enter your payment information. For your convenience, access the below link to the Sign Up For ParishPay user guide.


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