Altar Boys

All boys in the parish, 8 years old and older, may serve as an Altar Boy. It is an opportunity for our youth to take a dynamic part in the celebration of the divine services. It is a true honor and blessing serving the church in this capacity.

Our Sunday School curriculum offers an Altar Boy Instructional program.  Through active participation in the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and Feast Days, the program instructs our Altar Boys on the meaning of the Divine Liturgy, special services, and the fundamental sacraments of the Orthodox Church.

Through this special Sunday School program, the Altar Boys will meet with their instructor prior to Divine Liturgy to review elements of the Divine Liturgy. Primarily, the Altar Boys will focus on the day's Gospel lesson or Epistle reading and interpreting its meaning and relevance to their lives. Upon concluding their lesson, the Altar Boys ascend to the altar and assist with the Divine Liturgy.

To enroll in the Altar Boy program, children must be enrolled and be an active member of the Holy Trinity’s Greek Orthodox Sunday School program.