St. Nectarios Bookstore

St. Nectarios Bookstore is a tremendous asset to the community and has come to be known as a valuable and reliable source for books, icons, religious supplies, greeting cards, music and more, all of which provide further knowledge of the deep theology of our Orthodox faith.

Among the many books that we have in the bookstore, there are several that every practicing Orthodox Christian should have available.

This book provides the daily scriptural readings with brief commentaries by the fathers of the Church. The author, Johanna Manley, provides a list of the fathers, appendices with readings for major Feast Days, and a cross- reference by subject and by scripture passages. Excellent!

The text is from the New King James Version. The footnotes are carefully selected from the writings of the Fathers of the Church. Other study and devotional writings are included. There is a chapter on “How to Read the Bible” by noted author Bishop Kallistos Ware. To facilitate our prayer, morning and evening prayers are included. A Concordance and a Glossary prepared by Orthodox scholars is very useful for understanding the Orthodox perspective.

The Prayer Book contains morning and evening prayers, the liturgy, and special prayers. In in addition we have the Paraklesis to the Theotokos, Akathists for Children and the Holy Cross Prayer Book. For Children there is the special individual Prayer Book that is excellent for prayer as a family.

We have many beautiful, illustrated books for our Orthodox children.

Our prayer ropes are available in wool, silk, precious stone and wood. You may also special order any color and size. The prayer ropes are from St.Pasius, the Orthodox Women's Monastery in Safford, AZ.

Icons are available in x-small (pocket size), small (4x6), medium (5x7) or large (8x10). Some icons are also available in large sizes by special order. While we maintain a variety of icons, we can special order Saint, Feast, etc and in any particular size. Payment is required in advance for special orders.

The Bookstore is open after the Divine Liturgy.
During summer months, the bookstore may not be open on Sunday after church. If you should need an item or book any time during the summer, please do not hesitate to call Patsy Harris at 480-239-5270 or email

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